Dvision Network and the Metaverse: The altcoin everyone should look at

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Why pay attention to Metaverse coins?

Metaverse has grown drastically since 2020.

A report by Emergen Research, the global Metaverse market size was $47.69 Billion USD in 2020 and is expected to reach over $800 Billion dollars in 2028.

This report takes a look at what companies are currently generating in terms of revenue and predicts their growth in the years to come. It covers the growth of companies ranging from start ups to major corporations getting into Metaverse.

In addition to this, there has been many statements made throughout 2021 stating that there is a lot of opportunities in the Metaverse.
Here are a few:
Global Wire
Frank Holmes

So why pay attention to metaverse coin?

Metaverse is a growing industry and revenue is growing in this market. More users are using the metaverse every day.

We can measure this by looking at the growth of Roblox.

Roblox’s revenue was $45 million in 2017, $335 million in 2018, $435 million in 2019 and $920 million in 2020. Revenue for the company grew by 2044% from 2017–2020.

Roblox had 35 million users in 2017, 80 million users in 2018, 100 million users in 2019 and 150 million users in 2020. The growth in users is 428% from 2017–2020.

With growth like this, it attracts more companies to enter and get involve in the Metaverse space. Metrics moving upward like these mentioned here catches the eyes of investors. And, I believe in a concept of “follow the money & follow the user growth.”

Looking at the growth of the Metaverse, led me to Dvision Network.

Dvision network

Dvision Network, ticker DVI is a blockchain based VR content ecosystem and NFT metaverse platform and is built by Nine VR, a Korean company that was established in 2015.

One of the biggest problems with the metaverse today is proof of ownership. In the modern day metaverse, if a user buys an item, then there’s no actual proof that the user owns that item.

Let’s talk about Roblox again as it can be use as a great example. When a user purchases an item on Roblox, there’s no actual proof that the user owns that item and users must rely on the centralized platform.

What Dvision is doing is that they built the metaverse on top of blockchains so that the blockchain can provide proof of ownership. When a user buys an NFT on Dvision then it belongs to the user and the transaction of ownership can be seen on the blockchain. This transparency is ownership protection.

Division powers a new virtual reality world where users can customize their own metaverse without coding experience. This means that there’s no developing skill requirement as a barrier of entry.

In this image, it is a demo of user being able to customize their space by placing furniture, food, etc from the customization box on the left.

Dvision Network consists of 3 platform pillars

VR market — A platform where users are allowed to trade.

VR space — A platform where the user can customize the virtual space they acquired

VR city — A platform of the public virtual reality world where the users can interact with each other in the metaverse.


Dvision Network has a good list of established partnerships which includes Ankr, Binance Smart Chain, Chainlink, IOST, Elrond, Enjin, Polygon and a lot more.

Dvision World — what is it?

Dvision World was launched on November 1st, 2021. This serves as the main lobby for all of the meta-cities. Users in different meta-cities can come together in Dvision world as a center place of interacting with one another. It can be interpret at the hang out place when users don’t want to be in a meta-city.
In this lobby, there are activities such as viewing art galleries, playing games similar to the Squid Game series, visit theme parks and go on rides. There’s a lot to do and more contents are coming.

Dvision Network has cross-chain capability which allows users to use multiple platforms and still be able to interact with the Dvision network.

10% went to the team, 3% to advisors, 25% for development, 20% for token sale, 17% for ecosystem, 15% is for marketing, and 10% for reserve


Overall, I believe everyone should look at Dvision Network because they are building the metaverse. Dvision has been in the industry for quite a while and has the experience in handling metaverse technology. In addition, they’ve established some very good partnerships along the way.

This article is just a quick summary on Dvision Network and should not be use to make financial decision. Please consult with your financial advisor before making financial decision as a much deeper dive is needed.

This article is written to bring awareness to Dvision Network.

Check out this video as I talk more about Dvision Network.




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